Why you should care about getting enough vitamin D

A post from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America ... 

Keeping track of your vitamin D levels has a number of potential benefits. The nutrient helps boost your immune system and promotes the growth of healthy cells. It is critical in developing and nourishing strong bones. It helps foster muscle strength and agility. And some studies suggest that vitamin D may reduce your cancer risk. But, depending on your diet and where you live, you may be vitamin D deficient and not even know it. "We are having a 'silent epidemic' of vitamin D deficiency across the country," says Dr. Eugene Ahn, Medical Director of Clinical Research at our hospital near Chicago.

The connection between vitamin D levels and cancer is still unclear. But several studies published this year have linked vitamin D deficiencies with the behavior of cancer cells. Researchers at Stanford Medical Center, for example, concluded that in their study on lab mice, breast cancer cells grew faster and were more likely to metastasize in mice with low levels of vitamin D. "People at risk for breast cancer should know their vitamin D levels and take steps to correct any deficiencies," Stanford’s Dr. Brian Feldman tells ScienceDaily.com. Another study at Northwestern University suggests that low levels of vitamin D in men being treated for prostate cancer may signify a more aggressive form of cancer.