changes, challenges, choices and clarity

this blog was originally part of my crusade to support all of you in your physical well being. it has become more personal to me these days, to share my thoughts and wishes for a more intimate relationship with our selves and so i begin with the hope that my journey invites you to pause, reflect, summon your faith and heart soldiers and move in the direction that nourishes you everyday. even when the days are hard, even when the days are filled with mystery. this summer has been a turning point for me. i made a choice to leave what was predictable, safe, secure, known, logical ...for what was heart centered and unpredictable. for someone whose identity was so enmeshed with teaching weekly classes, blessed by the 'family' that grew over time each week, the love, the laughter , the tears and the honor of watching as so many of you grew wings of your own, it was challenging to choose a new path. and....i had no idea what that looked like!

living in the mystery can be frightening, disheartening, and foggy. yet, i have learned over many times of living in the belly of it, that the fog eventually lifts. it may take days or weeks or years but clarity comes like a light, an exhale, a sweet whisper and morphs into an opening of eyes and mind and bones. as i open my heart wider to the eternal wisdom that is  mama august...the month that is the bridge between the ripened explosive offering of july and the page turning and inhale of september i have clarity and gratitude. look for me these days spreading my own wings and continuing to joyfully remind you to spread yours.