Yin..my church.

Been reading so many posts about Yin Yoga .. what it is.. what is confusing.. what is misunderstood.. what the clarity and fog about it is..and have kept silent in spite of my feelings, education and well traveled experiences i have had through years of teaching it...but i cant be silent any longer.
Yin is no joke. It asks us to be 100 percent in our ‘body homes’ and pause, listen and respond. It is the ‘grad school’ of yoga and asks us to meet all that arises with curiosity, empathy, mercy and receptivity in the face of anger, distaste, judgement and pain. It is hard and healing. My first experience with it was at the same time i was getting infusions at Dana Farber in order to stay alive. I met Sarah Powers after one of these infusions and it was as though the storms i was in cleared. She was and always will be my blue sky. 
I was asked “How do i learn to be in this life, this body with discomfort? How do i switch from war to peace?” At the time
i had done just about everything to live in my mind, body and spirit to ease my never ending negative reductive dialogue....you can use your imagination.
Now i was learning a way to carve out moments of peace. To calm the anxiety, the noise, the judgement...As a practicing yogi for several years i loved my movement practice but as soon as i left class i was right back in my world of adversity.
The pain of cancer treatment shook me to my core. How the fk do i live in this altered body? Yin became my church. I sat with feelings, thoughts, discomfort and the angry voices came. ..But now i was equipped to respond... i had science, ancient teachings, and understanding as my soldiers. I learned how to love and accept the undeniable truth of change. The undeniable truth that suffering exists and it is only through how we respond that there can be peace. I work on this each and every day. I fail all the time but when i settle into my Yin practice i can hear the voice of my soul telling me to quiet and listen and feel.. truly the best medicine i know.
I have been blessed by witnessing the same revelations for the past 13 years in the faces and breaths of each extraordinary person who has graced me with their presence.
My deepest bow to all of you.🙏🏻