I often tell clients to go to Alicia’s class. I say it is like going to church and on vacation in a little over an hour. Her words are inspiring and transforming. The poses help you to release not only tightness within your body but also what is hidden in those deep spaces. Emotions often come up. I always feel amazing inside and out after class. At least 3 times I have had clients say they can feel energy coming from my hands during massage after I take her class. I tell them she cleaned me out in Yin class. My energy flows more freely after class. I highly recommend a private session with her. You learn so much more about your body. I love that she gives homework so you can continue to practice on your own. The addition of Reiki during her classes and private sessions is powerful and beautiful. She is a true healer!
— Carolyn Machado, LMT 

There is so much to say about Alicia Barry as a yoga teacher, it’s difficult to put into words. I think more than anything, in Alicia’s class, I’ve never felt like I was a student being instructed by a teacher, but rather like I am enveloped in a sacred space with Alicia beside me on a journey to inner peace.  Her words, her voice, her touch, her technique… and more than anything her intuition and intuitiveness for each and every person in the room, is uncanny.  There is no cookie cutter class mold with Alicia— sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, each and every class is a completely different experience. I never know what to expect… and I am never disappointed.  With compassion, great insight and knowledge, Alicia holds space for others to move through personal growth into a place of understanding. She is truly a gifted yoga teacher. 

Thank you Alicia for all your support and kindness and love in your classes and beyond.
— Rebecca Gold

Yoga is an amazing practice. It offers so many branching paths, spanning hot, acrobatic vinyasana to deeply meditative, introspective yin practices.

Alicia is a master teacher of the yin yoga path. She is full of knowledge, but what makes her truly great is the teaching intuition that arises from her own deep exploration and embodiment of yin practice. 

In class she freely shares lessons and learnings from her journey through illness, recovery and discovery of true body wisdom. I will leave details to her, but the authenticity of a teacher who possesses “wisdom in her bones” is a great gift to a dedicated practitioner.

I highly recommend both the yin path and this light, laughing, loving being.  She guides one gently into the surprisingly challenging practice of being still and learning to listen to the body’s own deep healing and transformative wisdom.
— Rick Wilson